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Classroom Observation with Consultation and Assessment

This provides an opportunity for a fresh pair of eyes to look at a student, and their response to the educational provision they receive. This can be a good way of initially meeting a student, and, if required, can lead on to a fuller assessment of their needs later on. The observation would look at learning, behaviour, social interaction and emotional factors, and at how these impact on the student’s school experience. For students who experience difficulties with the social aspects of school, it might be more appropriate to include observation at break and lunch time. This visit would include a limited amount of cognitive and other assessments, for example, social and emotional development and needs.

This would be followed up during the same morning by consultation with the student, to try to ascertain their views on their school experience. I would also discuss any findings in consultation with school staff, and parents. From this discussion, strategies to support the student would be identified and agreed. A report would be written and received within 15 working days, detailing the observation and the ensuing discussion, with the agreed strategies recorded at the end.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assesment may be required for some pupils, who would benefit from an in-depth exploration of their difficulties, and may be appropriate for Education and Health Care Plans. We use the BAS3 battery of cognitive assessment, which includes verbal and non-verbal assessment, diagnostic tests to highlight particular problems, and achievement tests which relate performance to chronological age. This would provide a thorough overview of the student’s cognitive functioning, and would show strengths and weaknesses, informing school provision. included are assessments of social and emotional factors, and consultation with school staff and parents to agree ways forward.

Support for Parents

We offer support with parent groups and with mediation/support for accessing wider services, for example, CAMHS.


Is offered in a range of areas around social and emotional factors, learning, resilience and behaviour, and can adapt and create new training materials as required by schools – just ask! This could be a day’s training, or half a day, or a “twilight” session. We use an Active Learning model for training, and make sessions as interactive as possible.

Multi-agency Meetings and Annual Reviews

We are happy to attend these either in school or elsewhere, to support discussion around a pupil’s provision and to discuss any issues.

Consultation Surgeries

Are offered in school for either a morning or an afternoon, and would involve any teachers who have concerns about an issue coming and talking to a psychologist, for, say, half an hour each, and discussing ways forward together. To support the need for confidentiality, these discussions should be around an issue or concern, for example, behaviour in a Year 4 class; social issues in a Year 5 class, rather than to do with individual pupils. If the discussion were to involve individual pupils, then signed parental permission would be required in advance of the Consultation Surgery.

This provides teachers with an opportunity to reflect on their class and their practice, and to discuss the merits of possible ways forward. Sometimes the process highlights needs for staff training in particular areas. Any strategies suggested or decided upon can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Ideally, these surgeries can happen twice a year, or once a term, so that earlier discussions can be reviewed and built upon over time, and interventions improved.

School Improvement work

This could include consultation with a SENCo or other Senior staff member, discussing concerns and focusing on improving provision in school.

NB: - We are very receptive to new ideas and approaches, so please ask if there are any other ways you would like us to help!

Please note, to engage us to work in school a CAF is not required, but if one has already been set up a copy of it would be useful. If there is no CAF a telephone discussion would provide sufficient information.

Signed parental permission is a legal requirement, and all psychologists would need this to be in place before seeing any young person. Click here to download our referral form.

A formal report would be written and sent within 15 working days.

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