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PsychEd Ltd Educational Consultancy Services - Services - Assessments for serving MOD personnel as an approved supplier

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To MOD personnel, welcome to PsychEd Ltd. As an approved supplier of services, we are able to assess serving personnel and access direct payment from the MOD. We are regularly providing assessments and further support in finding ways forward.

The MOD recognise and will fund assessments to explore difficulties associated with the following conditions:-




Scotopic sensitivity syndrome (sensitivity to text causing discomfort when reading).

They do not currently fund assessments around qualities of other neurodiverse conditions.  However, we can offer signposting, advice and screening around some conditions to provide support and information around whether further investigation could be useful.

Reports provide identification of neurodiverse conditions where appropriate, discussion around social and emotional factors and well-being where appropriate, recommendations for adaptations to improve working life and ways forward for the future. Detailed reports are usually produced within 15 working days'.

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"Our daughter, although a little apprehensive beforehand, clearly enjoyed the (assessment) experience. I overheard her telling her younger sister that it was "fun, you will really enjoy it when it is your turn"! We found the written report very useful, have shared it with the school who were interested and have taken a copy."

From a Parent

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